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Francis King Tea & Coffee

Chris started home-roasting coffee in Christmas 2009 using a hot air popcorn popper. Chris’s love of home-roasting coffee continued over the years and eventually his experimentation and ambition outgrew the back-deck popcorn roastery. Chris upgraded from his hot air popcorn poppers by purchasing a used Behmor coffee roaster and soon home roasting moved from the back deck into the kitchen. With the front and back doors open to channel the roasting coffee aromas out of the house, and using the Behmor Chris was able to refine his blends, improve the roasting process, and keep the flavours more consistent.

He started keeping records of his experiments and became more serious about the blends and educating himself in the ways of coffee. Chris realised that he really had a love for coffee and an appreciation of the flavours, and so the idea of a family business was born.

But it is not all about coffee! In our family we drink both coffee and tea but there is a clear 50/50 divide with half of us favouring tea over coffee. Chris is also very particular (one could even say “picky”) about tea and really enjoys a good cup of tea although coffee remains his favourite beverage. Cherie and Jennifer favour tea over coffee but Sasha, like her Dad Chris, is a die-hard coffee fiend.

When we decided to create a family business, we also decided it should cater for both the tea and coffee drinkers in the family. And so, the Francis King Tea & Coffee Company was founded in 2019 as an online family business offering premium tea and coffee from our website.

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